Ayla The Russian Fetish Queen love to wear AROLLO Long Princess Overknee Boots

You know that russian women are well known for their unique high fashion style and slender physique.Ayla learned early alot about fashion industry, modeling and photography. She loves beautiful settings and wearing stylish clothings like our AROLLO BOOTS.

Bevore 3 years Ayla found Arollo Boots on facebook and she started her love to our real leather high boots.
Still now Ayla has the full collection of all Arollo Boots styles at home and modeling in those boots has become a passion of her. Everywhere Ayla went with her Arollo Boots she was followed by admiring eyes. Ayla loves the attention she receives from both women and men.

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The long princess overknees with crotch length are her favourite high heel over the knee boots. Look to this great pictures of our Arollo Long Princess Overknees 

princess long overknees

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