Fetish Eliza-Beth and Stella Van Gent wear AROLLO FERARI THIGH HIGH BOOTS

These boots are made ​​for women with sexy long legs. The next pictures show popular customers who wear Arollo boots with enthusiasm and show us how to wear this sexy overknees.

Many thanks to Stella Van Gent from germany and Eliza-Beth Fetish model from great britain for this wonderful pictures.

So its time to look to this amazing ladies wearing arollo high heel boots.

Eliza-Beth from London loves latex and high heels (the higher and pricier the better).
This is her fetish life – yes she loves this arollo high heel boots!


Another fetish and leather model – stella van gent from germany.

Stella Fetish Queen from germany

Stella van Gent in AROLLO OVERKNEES

For a correct feminine outfit high heel boots are a must have for Stella. Arollo her favourite boots style are made of real leather. Stella loves the sensational pure feeling of finest leather on her skin.

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